Connect with What Matters


Ethnographer Brad Bennett connects with people; he learns what motivates them
and becomes an advocate for what they care about most.

Brad begins by listening. He listens to consumers. He listens to his clients. He listens wherever he goes, gleaning information on trends and culture from seemingly endless sources. By being a skilled listener, Brad uncovers the human truths that motivate people and drive decisions large and small.

Brad understands how these truths translate into effective business strategies. He uncovers surprising insight and understanding to help you carve a path through your thorniest challenges and drive success. He dives for the reason behind the reason. He goes further than other researchers, asks deeper questions, and intelligently connects data and insights to give you a powerful means to build brand relationships. 


Surprising Results


Brad is renowned for helping businesses turn prospects into loyal consumers because he understands that consumers are people first. Meeting with consumers in their homes and in the stores while they shop, Brad is one of those rare researchers who can help close the gap between what people say they will do and how they actually act in their real lives.

Brad will take your questions and bring you more than answers. He uncovers opportunities you didn’t even know to ask about. When you work with Brad, you can build stronger connections with your consumers, identify new opportunities and develop more relevant innovation. Your marketing strategies can be based on real learning that gets to the heart of the matter so they can resonate more effectively with your audience.


Human-Centered Research


Brad is part psychologist, anthropologist, sociologist, archeologist, and expert market researcher. Brad brings an effective range of ethnographic research skills and business acumen. He spent years working on big brands on the client side of the business so he’s been in your shoes, too. Brad believes that information alone is not enough. He provides information transformed into insights that then become inspiration. That inspiration internalized gives you and your team solid intuition in your actions as a brand. His human-centered methodology reveals important truths that allow you to keep your consumer at the heart of your business — and win the hearts of your consumers.   


Brad’s ethnographic work helped push our brand plans to the next level. The deeper insights fueled consumer-centric decision making across the business.
— Erica Starrfield, Marketing Manager | Nestle

Brad never fails to deliver.
— Dorlisa Flur, former Vice Chair, Strategy and Chief Administrative Officer | Family Dollar