The "Bradrenaline" Difference

This is not your average check-the-box research. When businesses understand consumers they can create brands and connections that matter to people. Those who have worked with Brad see the difference and the difference it can make. Your strategic challenge becomes his preoccupation, not just a project. Brad’s hallmark qualities stand apart:


Energized by helping clients resolve strategic riddles, Brad brings authentic enthusiasm to his work. It’s been referred to as “Bradrenaline.”


Never without a nuanced question, Brad often asks just what his client was thinking. He revels in uncovering and piecing together seeming unrelated bits of data. In fact as a puzzler by nature, that’s what he calls fun. Which leads easily to discoveries that work hard for clients.


A consumer evangelist, Brad’s enthusiasm and insight make it easy for teams to embrace their consumer even if they weren’t part of the project directly. 


Clients and consumers alike remark on how much Brad cares. His underlying respect for human beings and his caring approach draw out unexpected insights. His heart for people makes him an indispensable advocate for the consumer and a champion for his clients.


Uncommonly present in interviews, Brad creates space for safe, no-judgment conversations with consumers, which allows them to be revelatory and authentic.


His questioning, analysis and reports illuminate unseen opportunities. He helps consumers and clients take new ground. Brad's work leaves an impression long after the project has ended.