A Heart for Consumers. A Head for Business. 

As an ethnographer for over 14 years, Brad has stepped into the homes and lives of more than 1,500 fascinating people to discuss everything from organic foods and pet products to parenting philosophies and retail shopping and even adult incontinence. His fascination with ethnography is rooted in a personal value with profound implications for business: people matter. Brad’s drive to help people is universal, an advantage to consumers and clients alike.



In his years at KraftHeinz, Brad faced the same corporate challenges his clients do today. MBA in hand, he is a businessperson at heart. Brad gets great satisfaction from seeing people and businesses succeed. Now in his ethnography practice he can relate directly to the needs of business. He can understand both the obstacles to building stronger consumer connections and the rewards when you do. 

His vast business experience and skills as an ethnographer give him a keen eye for spotting opportunities and help him draw out action from insight.

With his remarkable ability to build truly genuine relationships with consumers, Brad never fails to deliver the rich consumer insight and understanding needed to provide a strong foundation for business strategy. Plus, he’s an amazing partner. Not only is he a joy to work with, but he’s constantly pushing my own thinking on the consumer and the business. My partnership with Brad is a true competitive advantage.
— Suzanne Kevlyn, Director, Consumer Insights | The WhiteWave Foods Company