See what clients and consumers have to say about the impact of Brad’s human-centered research approach.

I view Brad as an extension of my Marketing team. Having worked with him learning about consumers in 4 different categories, he is, bar none, the best researcher for unlocking insights I have ever worked with.
— Alice Koehler, Sr. Product Marketing Director | Domtar Personal Care

I’ve often said, Brad is the best at what he does.
— Chris Warren, Director of Sales | The Clorox Company

Brad loves what he does, and it shows in the caliber of research and reporting he delivers.
— Stacy Baas, independent strategy and research consultant
He is like Uber. All I have to do is ping Brad and he delivers.
— Anu Brookins, former Vice President, Customer Insights & Analytics | Belk Department Stores

Being interviewed by Brad is like having a quality talk with an old friend. His enthusiasm for the conversation makes it a natural and enjoyable experience.
— Research participant, Denver

Brad is truly gifted in his ability to pull out nuanced insights.
— Dorlisa Flur, former Vice Chair, Strategy and Chief Administrative Officer | Family Dollar
He’s one of my favorites because he just gets it.
— Maryann Rotundo, President | RyeResearch (research recruiting)

Brad has a strong client-service focus with the ability to work collaboratively with business partners. Both internal and external business partners love him. In fact, several of them have hired him for similar projects.
— Carol Benz, former Shopper Insights Manager – Target/Dollar Channel | The Clorox Company

Brad is my go-to person for all types of ethnographies - product/category usage, consumer journey, retail execution. The research is well executed and the insights are robust. I find myself using the research reports frequently - even years later - to provide consumer/shopper rationale to retailer recommendations.
— Cindy Chapman, Shopper Insights Manager

Brad has an ability to get people to open up and share why they do what they do, in their homes, their families and the store. He is thoughtful, attentive and focused in his approach to better understand the consumer. He sets the bar for ethnographic research. I had the pleasure of working with Brad multiple times while at Clorox as the Marketing Manager of Shopper Marketing, and have recommended him multiple times.
— Kara Sheesley, Vice President of Sales | NSI International, Inc.

Brad’s real truth-seeking approach to ethnography produced insights into our consumer segments that can only come for a deep understanding of patterns, nuances, and the complexity of the human condition.
— Samantha Cabaluna, Managing Director Earthbound Farm Brand Communications | The WhiteWave Foods Company

My experience with Brad Bennett was truly an exercise in self-awareness. Brad possesses the unique ability to pierce at the heart of mundane responses. He understands subtle nuances and has a knack for taking you to places emotionally that have yet to be fully realized.
— Research participant, New York