Brad’s Philosophy: People First

Brad brings true dedication to his work and a purpose-driven approach deeply rooted in his own personal life philosophy. He believes in turning over every stone to find insight and opportunities. But more importantly, he believes every person matters.

Brad is driven by his beliefs

  • We all win when we help consumers achieve their dreams.
  • When in the interview phase: consumers matter most.
  • When turning learning into insights and opportunity: clients matter most.

With clients, Brad:

  • Inspires consumer-relevant strategies.
  • Hears his clients' need for success in their teams and businesses.
  • Aligns teams to avoid churn and focus their efforts.
  • Drives effective innovation and identifies whitespace to reveal new opportunities.
  • Helps individuals reach their goals within the organization and shine.

With consumers, Brad:

  • Creates a safe setting in which consumers lower their guard and share more deeply.
  • Guides them to deeper levels of self-reflection and self-observation.
  • Sees behavioral patterns that reveal values, priorities and needs.
  • Becomes their advocate.