Brad Bennett Helps You Chart the Path Forward

You might have known your consumer yesterday, but just like you and your business, nothing stands still.

Consumers, culture and behavioral trends are always shifting. Just look at how plant-based eating is on the rise or how your kids communicate differently today than they did even last year. How do you keep up with consumers as they shift? How do you prevent distance from creeping in? 

When your business is moving at a million miles an hour, it's hard to stay in touch with your consumers. The demands of running your business leave little time to sit down with consumers and hear what they care about, or to gain deeper understanding. With all the fire drills of the here and now, who has time to monitor the health of your consumer connection or see ahead to where the next white space opportunity might lie?


Half-true stereotypes become the norm. Emerging trends get missed or misunderstood. Innovation pipelines run dry. Inspiration flat lines. Don’t just recycle your marketing and advertising strategies and hope they still connect. Stay in touch with your consumers. Dig in to find out what is really going on. 


Brad can help you uncover those little things that turn out to be big things. It’s easy from time to time to even forget that there is a consumer out there. How do you keep your inspiration at the center of your business and stay knowledgeable about what will make a difference to him or her and drive differentiation for your brand? How do you keep from losing that important relationship to a competitor?


An expert ethnographer can make a difference. Brad has the ability to make connections that give you a deeper understanding of your consumer.

Brad Listens + Learns from Consumers:

  • He creates a safe setting in which consumers lower their guard and share more deeply.
  • Guides them to deeper levels of self-reflection and self-observation.
  • Sees behavioral patterns that reveal values, priorities and needs.

Brad Helps Keep Your Business Vital:

  • He discovers behavioral and motivational patterns consumers do not see in themselves.
  • Finds opportunities by looking at things from new angles.
  • Provides the broader story and context (the whys), as well as specific decisions and actions (the hows).
  • Pinpoints growth-inducing opportunities (the so what’s).
  • Leaves clients with consumer understanding that lives on to inform the business every day.

Brad is genuinely interested in his respondents, and they respond to that interest by opening up their homes and lives with remarkable candor that leads to incredible insights.
— Stacy Baas, independent strategy and research consultant

The magic of Brad lies in his incredible ability to help my teams connect the dots with our consumers. The work that he did with us over 9 months ago is still referenced on a weekly basis at our company.
— Alice Koehler, Sr. Product Marketing Director | Domtar Personal Care