Winners all around. Brad enjoys nothing more than helping clients help consumers. Here are a few recent examples of how Brad's unique approach is producing results.

Horizon Organic ethnography case study

Horizon organic

Horizon Organic completed a quantitative segmentation study that identified important new consumer segments. Next the company wanted to understand these segments in a much deeper way to guide strategy, innovation and day-to-day decisions, so they reached out to B. Bennett Company. We conducted a Segmentation Illumination study, which included online in-the-moment exercises, deep dive in-home interviews and shopping excursions among the consumer segments. The collaborative process with the Horizon team, the consumers and Brad fueled a new brand vision, packaging redesign and product innovation. (Quote from Suzanne Kevlyn.)

Domtar ethnography case study


Alice Koehler was hired by Domtar to reinvigorate the Attends brand of adult incontinence products and develop meaningful innovation within the $3B incontinence category. Coming from CPG, she was accustomed to having a real understanding of consumers and their needs and using an insight-based approach to grow the business. She engaged Brad to build a foundational understanding of the category. Through a series of individual in-depth discussions with consumers in homes and stores, Domtar gained insights that were socialized throughout the organization and led to the development of not only new innovations, but also a powerful reorientation to the consumer. 

According to Alice, “It has permeated every strategic discussion we have had since. Working with Brad was the key. Nobody wants to talk about incontinence issues. Brad’s approach immediately set the respondents at ease and enabled us to see firsthand the impact incontinence has on their lives. He is an absolute genius in not only asking the right questions, but also synthesizing the data into powerful insights-based reports and presentations.”

Sargento ethnography case study


Sargento uncovered a compelling new need state in quantitative research. Their New Products Development team asked Brad to help them more deeply understand the context in which the need state occurs and related consumer motivations, behavior and needs. Via online, in-home and in-store ethnography we able to hone the need state and produce inspiration, insights and opportunities to fuel Sargento’s close in and further out innovation pipeline. (Quote from Michelle Monkoski.)